Todays project is Handmade Flowers:

What You Need To Begin:
  1. Cardstock/Paper Flowers
  2.  Ink or Chalk
  3. Adhesive
  4. Bone Folder
  5. Makeup Wedge

Has this ever happened to you? You are humming along making your project and you can't find the size flower you want? How about the right color? One of the cool things about this flower is that you can use as many layers as you would like and you can make them any size you want. Of course the amount of layers determines the fullness of the flower.

When i make these i usually use my cricut to cut the flowers, this technique will work with any petal flower.
I almost always use cardstock but i  do love the look of the printed paper too, i made some the other day from newspaper and some from the pages of an old book...maybe i'll post those later.

ok so first gather your cardstock/printed paper flowers..the one i made in the example has 6 layers in a couple different sizes. Flip each flower over to the back side and with your bone folder crease the center of each petal..then flip it back over and bend each petal until the side touch. Then bend each petal forward towards the center of the flower.  Do this for all the layers.

 After all the bending and creasing is finished, take your ink and makeup wedge and ink all the petals. I use makeup wedges that are small and really soft, the ones i have here are from walmart, there is 32 wedges in the bag and at just $2  i can use them a couple of times and not feel bad about tossing them :)

Next is layering, put the largest flower on the bottom, put just a dab of glue right in the center of the flower then place the next flower on top but not directly over the bottom flower...then continue layering until you are at your 5th flower..

At this point you can either add the smallest flower to the center as a little bud..OR you can leave it creased and bent like the others and glue it down and then add a jewel or pearl to the center.

If you want to add it as a bud, then you will need to fold it up so the right is facing OUT and glue the petals to each other..i have made tons of  these flowers and no matter what tools i try to use to hold the petals together i ALWAYS get glue and ink all over just use your fingers..its the easiest.
After it dries, glue it to the center of the flower.

And you are finished. Its a really simple process and the possibilities are endless. 

Here is the final Flower~