Sunday, June 19, 2011

Princess Pages

Hello Everyone-
Today i have 2 sets of pages to share with you.The First is:  Pretty Princess.
This set features 2 Beautiful Little Princess' with their Baby Dragon.  I used Treasure Box patterns for the Princess' and Doodlecuts patterns for the Baby Dragon.  The pages are made with Plum,Cranberry and Blueberry colors and lots of flowers. Perfect for Any pictures of your little Princess. In fact, because Princess is easily made plural by adding the ' at the end of the word..this set can be used for more then one daughter,granddaughter or niece.  Pictures of Playing Dress-Up would be awesome for this set!

The second set is: Princess of the Pool..
Which features a couple of very sweet bears with their pool toys, i used patterns from Creative Kuts. This initially was to be my project for "Use Your Scraps" challenge by The Super Paper Divas. I love the colors, they are bright but not NEON 80's bright..if you were around in the 80's you know what i I think this set would be great for any Pool Pictures of Daughters,Granddaughters, or Nieces. And again because the word PRINCESS is easily made plural by adding a ' after the last "S" these pages would work even if you have more then one girl in mind.

Both of these set will be up for grabs tonight on Ebay.

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